About Alyssa

I’m Alyssa Leverenz, a branding and digital marketing specialist with a love for all things creative.

In the ever-evolving world of marketing, my enthusiasm for making connections and continuously learning are what keep me inspired and creating higher standards for my work.

My knack for communication arts began in 2007 while earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design and Public Relations, followed by a Master of Arts degree in Strategic Communication and Leadership.

Managing my own freelance business since 2011 and small agency since 2015, I have had opportunities to collaborate with many bright visionaries from various industries.

What interests me the most about branding is the grand purpose that leads campaigns. That is what I am here to embrace for businesses looking to achieve visibility, credibility and long-standing success.

Where creativity and strategy meet, discoveries await. The ultimate aim of my work is to support the entrepreneurial mindset in people that have something meaningful to offer.

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How I Make A Difference

“I help businesses expand their missions by providing reliable marketing support. I help consumers understand their options by delivering clear and consistent information. My work as a brand strategist is aimed to benefit everyone involved.”

— Alyssa Leverenz

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