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How To Embrace Your Unique Character

Like the many planes of a diamond, so are the facets that make up your unique character. To embrace your individuality, sometimes you gotta lift the hood of your own mind. 〰️ Your experiences, influences, perceptions, understandings, tendencies, desires, inclinations, motivations, predominant thoughts, ideas, beliefs, causes for certain emotions, sensations, habits, skil... Continue reading

1-Hour Brand Strategy

Having a strong brand across all mediums improves relationships, reinforces expertise and contributes to business longevity. It’s crucial that all communication materials are fluid and consistent, portraying your business in the best light. Many business professionals have a common misconception about branding, thinking of it as simply “having a logo... Continue reading

Communicating With Confidence

Benefits When you're confident in who you are and everything you represent, you're able to articulate the value of your offerings with authority and authenticity to attract the right audience and achieve goals. With confidence comes the ability to be direct, decisive and gain compliance when needed. Problem You cannot ... Continue reading

Importance of Branding

Watch The Video I Shared On Instagram I briefly went over the importance of branding. I've realized that branding helps you define your business not only to external audiences, but also to yourself and your team.  Branding helps you to carefully articulate what it is you do in a clear a... Continue reading

Increase Engagement on Social Media

Watch The Video I Shared on Instagram I share 3 ways to organically increase engagement on social media. 1.) Offer Valuable Information Know the lifestyles and interests of your target audience to help you share content they actually want to see. 2.) Initiate The Process Engage with others first. Start authentic conversations by ... Continue reading

5 Ways To Be Authentic on Social Media

How To Be Authentic on Social Media 👩🏻‍💻 A single interaction has the capacity to spawn a blooming friendship. The same goes for business opportunities. Within the space that allows everything to be, there is a constant flow of creating, destroying and rebuilding. Your identity is completely fluid. Just because you see yoursel... Continue reading

Develop a Brand Strategy - A Guide

A Guide To Creating A Brand Strategy Developing a brand strategy can be one of the most challenging steps in the business planning process, but it's a vital step. Branding is often seen as confusing or unimportant as it's difficult to see the tangible benefits. However, without a brand, the b... Continue reading

SEO Basics For Small Business Owners

What is SEO? SEO stands for "search engine optimization." It's the process of getting online traffic to your website via search engine results. The purpose is to create a seamless user experience and communicate to search engines your intentions so they can recommend your website for relevant searches. W... Continue reading

How To Become An Industry Leader

From Newbie To Top Dog As a startup or new business, you're likely familiar with the distinct struggles regarding financing, especially during the development phases. Investors are looking for the highest potential return on investment and why only a select few get the necessary funding to move forward. This is w... Continue reading

How To Formulate a Marketing Plan

What Is The Purpose of a Marketing Plan? The purpose of a marketing plan is to implement cohesion among all marketing communications to create a positive, authoritative and authentic public image while providing a pleasant consumer experience on a consistent basis. Perception is what defines our realities. Every business decision ... Continue reading