Market Positioning - A Guide To Positioning Your Business

What Is The Purpose of Market Positioning? Market positioning is a brand strategy used to help outline what your business should do to distinguish its products and services to potential customers. As a brand strategist, this is a huge part of my creative process, especially working with startups that are ... Continue reading

Digital Media Analysis - The Essential Checklist

What Is The Purpose of a Digital Media Analysis? Think of digital media as online portals to your business. As a business owner, you wouldn't leave your physical store in shambles, so don't do it online either. Before launching a new digital marketing campaign, it's important to audit the current ... Continue reading

Market Research The Right Way

What's The Purpose of Market Research? Branding can change the way people think, feel and act. It is a powerful business tool to share ideas, stimulate passions and inspire your audience. A compelling story creates a personal connection between your audience and your message. To be effective though, market research ... Continue reading

Brand Audit... What's Included?

Business Assessment Company Background When/why/how was the company founded? Who are the leaders and key players? I need to get to the bottom of who I am marketing so I can identify specific needs and adjust accordingly. Current State of Affairs What is business like on a day-to-day b... Continue reading